Review Friday: Ghost

1 Mar

I’ve decided to start this new thing on my blog called Movie Review Friday. Basically, I watch a new movie every week and then write a review about it. Talking to my friends, I realized that are a lot of good movies that I’ve missed out on from Forrest Gump (I know) to the newest Oscar nominations like Beasts of the Southern Wild. This way I’ll finally be forced to watch those movies then you can read my reviews and decide whether you want to see the movie yourself.

Also, feel free to comment on my reviews if you disagree with me on something or if you just want to comment. I love debating.

Now onto my first Friday review of 1990’s Ghost.


I think more people have seen parodies of Ghost from TV shows like Family Guy to references in movies like The Crow then the actual movie, including me. I’m also a bit of Patrick Swayze fan, Dirty Dancing being one of my favorite movies and I even have a husky bear named Swayze. The fact that I didn’t see this movie up until now is because I didn’t want to not like it. From the friends who had seen it, I had this perception that it was really good movie and I had high expectations. My expectations were definitely met.

The problem with romance movies is trying to make the love between the two main characters look believable to the point where you really think that their love would transcend death. Ghost‘s problem? Making Swyaze’s Sam believable as a ghost who would risk his afterlife to protect Demi Moore‘s Molly. And I was somewhat sold primarily because of Swayze’s performance. As Sam, Swayze looks like a man who has literally lost everything except for this love he has for Molly. Moore’s performance was kind of lackluster to me, there were times where I was just kind of put off by her.


I just love this picture.

However, when Sam and Molly are together and are just looking into each other eyes, I completely believe them. The chemistry between them is sexy. The dance scene when Sam possesses Oda Mae Brown‘s (Whoopi Goldberg) body is just electric. Or the scene where they’re fooling around with the pottery wheel is incredibly sexy.

Overall, the acting is believably good. It’s really not that shocking to learn that Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role as Oda Mae. (Ghost also won for Best Writing, Screenplay and was nominated for Best Picture, Best Music Original Song, and Best Film Editing.)

Unlike other romantic movies, the plot doesn’t disappear behind the love story. The twist that Sam was actually murdered, how he gets revenge and the story with his best friend Carl (Tony Goldwyn) made the movie even more enjoyable to watch. I hate when movies are bogged down with the love story, it takes me out of the movie.

Sam Wheat encounters some interesting ghosts.

Sam Wheat encounters some interesting ghosts.

Ghost has an interesting plot with a variety of characters, strong acting with cheesy 90s special effects makes it one of my romantic movie favorites.

I love movies that can make me cry simply because of the love story and this one definitely hit the mark. For all those girls who watch those Nicholas Sparks movies need to watch a real ‘romance’ movie that’s good. Ghost is one of the best.

Highly recommended. 8 out of 10 stars.

(This trailer kind of sucks, and it’s cheesy but it’s tells the general plot)


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